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With the new Blogger dynamic pages, I decided not to retrofit all of prior blog posts to the new format, and started this new blog: Likes, Tweets, and SEO - Search Engine Optimization ( SEO). I have a thirty year background in marketing and sales, am the owner of Logion Web Design and Development LLC, and have been actively involved in web development, design, and SEO for eleven years. My programmer specializes in Adobe Cold Fusion, manages a hosting comapny, and is a domain registrar. Between us we have over twenty five years of diverse internet experience. I am fascinated by the amazing momentum and participation in Facebook, Twitter, and SEO.  My particular focus is to follow the trends of how Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively for SEO.

I work with small business owners both in their website design and development and especially in the integration of SEO into their marketing plan. For an example of an integrated marketing plan I manage the website, write the monthly blog, manage an email campaign with 432 subscribers to date, and manage the Facebook page for one client. There is momentum, increased business, and a buzz just beginning to take off. They have been at the top of Google for their main keyword phrase for five years. My first major website, www.NeonDoc.com, set up in 2001, was an e-commerce and information site in Chicago, and it now used as an advertising site. It's still at the top of Google for Chicago Neon Signs without much SEO effort. I Love it :)

I offer a free consultation to find out more about your business or organization needs and to discuss my services in more detail. Thanks for visiting.

David Brown
Logion Web Design and Development LLC

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