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Web Design and SEO Services


We love helping small business owners improve their internet marketing and Google search visibility especially in their local market. 

Many small business owners don’t have the time to manage the complex process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We make it easy by offering a monthly subscription that includes weekly service. It’s affordable, effective and more importantly frees up your valuable time!

  Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your website or make more sales, our SEO marketing services can help you achieve your goals. We use the latest tools and best standards for conversion. We understand that content is king and we have been certified in content marketing since 2015.

We design modern, responsive websites that use the best standards and practices. With a focus on content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and lead generation, we ensure your website will convert visitors into leads. Our designs are tailored to each industry and visitor personas to provide the best return on investment (ROI). If you want to learn more about us, request a free estimate for your website design, or contact us. We look forward to learning about your project.



In summary,  Logion Web Design creates custom websites for small and local businesses. We also integrate inbound marketing techniques, such as copywriting, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), into our clients’ website and social media strategies. In order to give back to the small business community, Logion’s webmaster, David Brown, shares his advice on effective inbound marketing for small business websites on this blog.

And ...

We are a small business so we listen to your needs. Read our testimonials on Google and hear about successful blog and website design projects for clients in many different industries. Our cutting-edge techniques will take you to the next level, create new opportunities, and grow your social media base and email marketing list, for sales and business development.

Website Design in Salem Oregon

Website Design in Salem Oregon

Logion Web Design = creative webmaster services  -  our website package has seven of the most important features for professional website design.

A website is the most important marketing tool. All digital marketing points directly to the website for client conversions into paying customers.

Websites in 2020 and beyond need to be updated with current code standards as well as design structure that meets the needs of browsers as well as website visitors.

Compelling copy, strong visuals, clean balance and spacing, and accessibility for response are all factors. Your website needs to stand out, make a statement, be informative and subtly persuasive, and motivate site visitors to click for more information, or to make a purchase, or set up a free estimate or consultation.

The Most Important Web Design Elements
the seven most important things to have in a professionally designed website.

We Use the Top Rated Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud is considered as the world's best creative app package - a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more.

2 - Responsive- Mobile Site Friendly

In 2020 over 50% of the websites are being viewed on mobile phones. Responsive is the term used to describe a website that adapts to display on mobile devices including phones and tablets.

We use a best standard approach with the W3C coding guidelines for responsive web design that is mobile friendly. As we design the new site, we are checking the mobile views as well as the laptop/desktop.

3 -
Professional Photos

Photos can make or break a website design. We use top end eye- catching professional photos that are licensed in our Adobe Creative Cloud account for websites that we develop. Examples of the use of Adobe Stock on recently a designed website can be seen at Avalon Hair Salon in Salem.

4 -SSL-Secure Website

Google has tightened up their requirements for more internet security by penalizing websites that are not setup on a secure server. If you have an older website you might see a small lock with a red slash through it next to the domain name address. The message there when clicked on is a warning to potential site visitors that the website is not secure, and subject to possible malicious malware, or hacks.

5 - Keywords

Keywords are the most important words that directly relate to your services and products, industry, and location. As an example, web design, webmaster, website designer, SEO, internet marketing, are a few that we use on our this site. Keywords are also important for meta tags - code behind the page - as well as for titles that are given more weight by Google for a "SERP" - search engine results page.

6 -Compelling Copywriting

Copywriting for websites is more effective when it is engaging and compelling for the site visitor. Too much text is overkill. Too little is not enough to be serious. A paragraph is usually sufficient, and if the site visitor wants more then a "Learn more" link can be placed at the end of the paragraph that takes then to another page, as we have done on this page.

7 - Creative Presentation

The creative presentation of content is important for maximum viewer engagement. The combination and balance of titles, text-copy, and photos allows for an overall positive impression of the web page as well as implied invitation to stay and explore further. The Bombay Wala of India project was a result of prior experience in designing Indian restaurant websites, our love of that type of cuisine, and a bit of knowledge about the culture (Ganesha). The result with the slanted title, colors, Abobe stock photos, and catchy title "Slow Fast Food" captures the essence of the small take out or dine in Indian cuisine location in a food court of a mall.

About Logion Web Design

David Lawrence Brown is the sole owner and creative webmaster of Logion Web Design, and has been actively involved in professional website design and internet marketing since 1999. Salem, Oregon is the main business location for Logion Web Design, however there are clients all over the U.S. The title of this blog post -
Website Design in Salem Oregon is for SEO purposes, as the keywords used match those in search engines for local searches.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Content Marketing Updated 2022

Reality check - the internet has become saturated with content, advertising, overkill, addictive use, abuses, scammers, and spammers, and constant changes by the tech firms that dominate the cyber space : Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter to name a few.

Content marketing has become the go-to strategy for internet marketers who want to help their clients increase their Google exposure, their business brand, and ultimately the bottom line. It is the key component in "SEO" or search engine optimization, along with reviews and social engagement. Google likes updated relevant information that shows the author is an authority in their industry, and that there is engagement with the content.

Content marketing research and automation of creating engaging content are now the new buzzwords in the industry of digital marketing. This blog post from 2017 is being updated with the latest information for small business owners who need SEO for better page ranking but are overwhelmed with choices and costs for many different types of programs available., 

For our content marketing and SEO services we integrate them for the best combination of prioritized service time and cost for the small business owner. As creative webmasters, we help clients set up the tools needed and have a basic understanding of what they do and how we plan to use them for their websites, blogs, Facebook page, and / or YouTube channel. Some of these tools are free such as Google search console and Google My Business. Others have a low monthly cost. 

Depending on the client's needs we will suggest the best tools and how much time we can spend each week using them for the client and the budget needed for this. No annual contract needed. We go month to month and show results increasing over time. 

The challenge of content marketing for small business owners is how to decide what to use and how will benefit the business for new customers or repeat business. The opportunity is to gain more authority in the eyes of Google and in better page ranking for searches of keywords relevant to your services and products.


Facebook and Content Marketing - It's Not Just About the Likes 
Billions of users and posts every day. Timelines and news feeds are swamped. How does a content marketer break through all the noise to help business accounts get seen, and to have some engagement in the content posted? It's not just about how many "likes" a post gets, although that is an indicator that the content has some appeal. Usually, the content has a link to a blog, or third party article, and the user clicks through and does not actually click the like button. When there are a lot of likes, comments, and shares, then the content that was posted can be considered successful. However, a post on Facebook may also be successful when the traffic is measured on the landing page that is linked to.

Engagement can be seen on all three levels. Shares are free PR for the business that posted the content. There is some pushback on Facebooks advertising, as many people do not like to see ads or content that their friends liked and that now shows up in their timelines. Content needs to be carefully planned with the target audience as well as the image shown or video, and text used in the post. In another blog post I focused on two top titles that research showed having the highest levels of engagement. Sometimes the titles alone can make or break the level of response.

Consider the following ideas for better engagement with Twitter and Facebook posts:

> Educational content is popular. Help solve people's problems, learn something new.
> Use titles that have had a strong engagement response from research (link-see blog on titles)
> Use recorded or live videos to increase engagement and create  more personal message
> Use events to highlight and showcase important dates, then use the link of the event post
> Use rhymes as a way of displaying unique content (link-see Rhymes blog post)
> Use the higher traffic dates and times as well as the lesser traffic for less competition
> Monitor posts with insights to see the best levels of engagement for certain posts
> Use industry relevant third party articles that have already had a strong level of engagement
> Use non business content - inspirational nature photos with quotes. People like inspiration.
> When using paid boosting of content, use $5.00 one day market tests to check engagement level

Internet users are saturated with content. Attention spans are short, requiring a strong visual engagement to keep attention on the post or tweet, strong titles, and relevant, compelling content to keep the engagement strong. It's a challenge, and it is also an opportunity for new ideas, new creativity, humor, and a touch of the muse for inspiration. (link- see blog - The Legend of the Marketing Muse.

Why This Content Marketing Research Will Make You Happy

Top Ranked Research Stats of the Year for Engaging Titles and Headlines

It's all about engagement right?

On Facebook content that evokes more likes, comments, and shares wins. It shows that the content is engaging, is noticed in a busy timeline, and has certain qualities that cause the viewer to respond. Content marketers love to show their clients that the posts that they used had a strong engagement.

Ever wondered what causes some content to have more engagement than others?

Imagine having an edge in knowing what words to use in the titles of your posts that have had the highest engagement stats for Facebook and social media.

Research done by Buzzsumo, a content marketing research and resource for social media engagement stats, showed which words used in titles had the highest levels of engagement.

Best titles-headlines have changed since this blog first discussed them in 2017. Updated 2021-2

Ideal headline length - 11 words
Best number to use in headline : 10
Top Ranked headlines based on 100 million posts research 2019-2020

When Buzzsumo did a research study on over 100 million headlines and discovered the ones that have the most engagement, I started using the top ones and noticed a stronger response in a Facebook post for a client. I used two of them in the title of this blog post.

If titles that grab the attention and have a proven strong engagement are of interest to you, then check out the Buzzsumo research report.

Buzzsumo Research Report Link

Of course titles are only one aspect of content that is engaging. For some examples of my own content posts for social media, contact me by phone for a free consultation if you are looking for a certified content marketer.  541-953-3360 (no text available, voice only). 

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, SEO, internet, content and social media marketing. He is also the author of three self-published books on Amazon.

Using Rhymes for Business Facebook Posts

Fast changes are a sign of the times
With likes and shares beginning to climb
What seems to work and turn on a dime?
Getting their attention with Facebook rhymes
- David Lawrence Brown

A Unique Content Marketing Niche

As mentioned in a past blog, Content Marketing Celtic Style, I have been using poems and rhymes combined with selected photos for Facebook posts for some business clients for years now. The results have been good, and this is a content marketing niche that I have in my toolbox of strategies.

It is a challenging task to compete with the all of the posts that appear on a typical Facebook news feed. The key to having a post be seen and engaging is primarily using a stunning or eye-catching image, then combining it with text that engages and delivers a message that is liked by the reader.

The use of rhymes has this effect.

Why Poems and Rhymes?

Without promoting a link to a blog or third party article, the words are more like a tweet, and are short enough to convey a message, get likes and comments, and increase a brand awareness that the business is providing interesting and original content.

Since most businesses do not provide original rhymes, it helps the business to stand apart from the crowd when they do. This is a good thing. Competition for Facebook fans can be tough. Rhymes are one form of engaging content that is unique and distinctive.

Like anything, a carefully worded poem needs to be sound enough and not be to corny, unless the goal is to have a humorous effect and it is obvious to the reader. Poems can be related to the business, or the season, or a bit of wisdom, or anything that would be engaging and liked by the reader.

Pitching for More Likes 

The careful use of an image can also be used in the poem as a starting point. An example is the image above that was used in a post during the world series when more people had baseball on their minds even if they were not fans. As an added touch, the logo of the business was Photo-shopped onto the baseball hat, that did not have a logo. The effect of a baseball pitcher looking at you and ready to pitch, eyes hidden by the cap, was engaging enough to get the attention within the news feed and evoke a response. The poem that was written in the post was intended to connect the sharing and liking of the fan page with the strikes and homes runs that are part of the game.

In baseball a pitcher loves to get strikes
For our Facebook page our next goal is 500 likes
If you want to help us get that home run
Share this with your friends and let's have some fun!

The post was promoted, one of the advertising options in which you can have it show up in the news feed of a targeted audience (city, age, gender), or to friends of existing fans. The results of a small $20.00 campaign budget for this post are shown below. 

While there are many other poems that I have written that have had similar of better results, here's a sample to give you an idea of the many variations and topics that be covered.

Chinese Restaurant
Today is Tuesday so what do we do?
We cook and serve a good lunch for two!
Lots of choices and good things to chew
So we say in Chinese 身体健康 Good health to you!

Butcher Shoppe
Our Thanksgiving Order Form will amaze
Includes Turkey, Duck, and Hams with a glaze
Just three clicks and you are good to go
Check it out if you want to know

Funeral Home
Thanksgiving is near, only two weeks away
We wish you a Happy one, in every way
Yes, there are memories, of loved ones not here
Yet we can still celebrate their life in gratitude, every year

Using rhymes in business Facebook posts, combined with an strong photo to stand out in a busy timeline, is a content marketing niche that can be very engaging and unique for the target audience. They can be used for both business and non-business posts such as holiday related themes. 

Authored by

David Brown

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, SEO, internet, content, and social media marketing and is accepting qualified accounts for monthly services. His dog's name is Shaman.

The Future of Content Marketing

Will Human Creatives Survive?

Automated researched headlines, titles, content, response and engagement research from millions of stats would lead us to think that the future of content marketing is almost fully automated, that robots will be more creative than humans who created them, and that those who are called "creatives" may not survive.

Humans Rock
While some of this may be true, I believe that the creative ideas and intuition and humor of human consciousness will never be replaced by robots. Human interest stories will keep social media running for many years. Those stories about humans that keep us engaged, smiling, crying, or inspired. It reminds me of that scene with Robin Williams (Sean) and Matt Damon (Will) in the movie Good Will Hunting when Sean confronts Will about learning about relationships and love from books only and uses the example of his wife waking herself up from a fart she just released when she was sleeping. Robots will most likely not be programmed to do the unique and funny things like that. Or will they?  

The New Content Marketing May No Longer Be Called Content Marketing
Creative content marketing will mold with how the content is being received. New types of social media will emerge. Mobile devices will be replacing outdated desktop computers. Voice activated searches, and corporate paid advertising will be dominating organic search results. YouTube is fast becoming the go to channel for media content, news, entertainment, social sharing, and information content presented by video.With augmented reality coming soon, we may all be actors in a matrix-like video game of life. Experiences may become the dominant marketing tool, where something is virtually experienced instead of being read about or watched on YouTube. 

Consumer Behavior Survey
In a Consumer Behavior Survey done by Hubspot in 2016, there was a dramatic increase in how content is being searched for and viewed. In the chart below "Where Do You Go...?" search engines showed an increase from 22% to 79% from two years ago. Facebook feeds were up 57% during the same period. Mobile and Twitter were up 34% and 25% respectively. Videos featured prominently in Facebook, Twitter and Linked IN engagement. The chart below "How Much Time Do You Spend Watching YouTube?" shows a dramatic increase in YouTube viewed hours, even in the over age 55 group.  (full survey article on HubSpot  - https://research.hubspot.com/reports/the-future-of-content-marketing ).  YouTube statistics show dramatic increases in usage, view time, and YouTube is the third largest search engine after Google and Facebook. See "36 Fascinating YouTube Statistics for 2016" by Kit Smith

If we extrapolate on these trends, it is not far off to see how the content will change to match expectations of experience through the senses, and social media may be taken to new levels not imagined now, even in our lifetime.

. However, the human brain has so many millions of nerve firings and unique  design, that it seems impossible to duplicate all of that digitally. How we deliver and experience content may change, yet the human factor will be alive and well for hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

Reviews and Testimonials Key to New Business

Recent research has shown that Google is giving more weight to reviews that are placed directly online. Reviews on search results pages (SERPS) seen by potential customers are a key factor in their "Zero moment of truth" (ZMOT), when deciding to click through and buy from a business with positive reviews. Google did research and found that 88% of consumers research before they buy in the "zero moment of truth" (ZMOT). Reviews are an important part of their decision to buy.

Small business owners can encourage their "rave review" customers to place their reviews online on Google Plus, which in my opinion has the best "search results juice" since anything Google has built is connected to the entire Google platform.

Yelp is a second choice, as consumers by now know much more about Yelp than they did in past years.

Other online locations in which reviews can be placed include Angie's List, Better Business Bureau, and Manta. An article by Business News Daily has more ideas:

As a content marketer, reviews are not normally an area of focus. Now that they are becoming more prominent in consumer decisions, adding a review to content may be appropriate for visibility. Also, encouraging existing customers who are willing to offer a review on their own or send one in writing, can be encouraged to add their review to the Google Plus listing of the business. A link can be sent by email with a nice thank you note.

Even though reviews and testimonials that are printed on a website do not carry any weight when it comes to Google page ranking, web site visitors will appreciate seeing positive reviews as they make choices in the steps in their buying decision process. Online reviews help web visitors to click on the site link. Reviews quoted on web pages may help keep them engaged.

A business owner should use reviews as a communication tool not only with the person that placed the review but so that anyone who see the review will see how the business responded. Whether it is a "Thank you for the nice review" or "We are sorry for your experience. Here's what we will do..." the business owner is engaged in responding promptly to each review that is placed on Facebook, Yelp, or Google Plus.

Read why bad online reviews can be an opportunity to gain new business :
Why Bad Online Customer Reviews Could Be Good for Your Business

Social media has opened up a whole new area of content marketing and reviews will come out of the experience of content as well as products and services. The positive response to content can also translate to positive views and reviews of the business.

At least for now and most likely into the near future, reviews and testimonials are a key to new business.