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If your web site had the "wow-factor", how much more response would you have,
and how much more sharing and referring on Facebook?

What is the the Web Site Wow Factor?

The web site wow factor is that combination of images, content, tone, and market appeal to
the target audience of first time and repeat site visitors. The first impression of the site is that it is visually engaging, has relevant and informative text that describes the services or products of the company, and engages the viewer to want to stay and browse around for more information.

Design, Look, and Feel
The design of a web site can include a stronger "wow factor" on the home page for maximum impact and first impressions. The secondary pages may also have a strong visual appeal, but may be better adjusted to allow room for other content to engage the visitor. Every site goal and focus is different, and the custom design and creativity that can be applied to a strong home page can also apply to every page. This takes additional time and planning. Usually there is not a blueprint for this before a project is started.

Creating Killer Content

Engaging and Unique Copy Writing
- Killer Content -

"Award winning - Experienced - Rave reviews - Reasonable pricing -
A Commitment To Excellence"

How do you get "killer content" on your web site? How do you add the "wow factor" into the text and copy? The title needs to be strong and concise, i.e. Kitchen Remodeling, no more and no less. Next to the title a strong tagline can create the instant impression of authority, integrity, and engage the reader in a stronger manner than a standard sentence in a paragraph. We wrote the "award winning" tagline above on a recently launched remodeling site for Star Builders LLC.

You've got about 5 seconds or less to engage and keep the attention of the person scanning your site. If the title and tagline do not grab their attention, they may not read all those words below that you so carefully selected for maximum impact and response.

How Do We Create "Killer Content" for your Web Site?

To write "killer content" we research your industry, research which relevant keywords have more search traffic for the web page that we are to place the content 1) create strong and concise headlines and taglines to engage the reader, 2) Create a strong first sentence that may include a question 3)plan out the writing 4) use carefully chosen words and phrases to keep them interested.
5) Review this first draft with you, the owner of the site who has contracted us to design and build your site in addition to creating strong content. 6) Revise and rewrite the copy until it has the sizzle, the "wow factor" and/or the technical descrition of your product or services that works for you and for your site visitor. If you are wondering about the time and cost of creating an effective web site that works with "killer content" and the "wow factor", the copy writing alone takes a bit of time. If you have read this far, then you are invited to take the next step, and contact us for a free consultation to discuss your internet marketing needs.

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Looking for an experienced web developer? "David Brown designed our web site, and did an excellent job. David is very good to work with, always prompt, on time & hard worker that knows what he is doing. He has a great vision & a lot of knowledge for web sites. I would recommend him to anyone & everyone." - Andre Makarenko, Comfort Homes LLC, Salem Oregon.

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