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Original Copywriting? - Yes. No story spin, copying , overuse of cliches, and blah, blah, blah.
Persuasive? - you be the judge. We have designed and written copy for this web site to be persuasive.
Evocative? "bringing strong images memories or feelings to mind"
Informative? Updated? Cool? Friendly? - yes, we try to have these goals in mind with a target audience.

David Brown and dog Shaman

Creative Webmaster
and Content Marketing consultant

Hello there and welcome! My name is David Brown and I'm the webmaster and owner of Logion Web Design, with many IWAyears of experience (since 1999) in website design, copy writing, and business marketing (since 1990).

I have a base of monthly retainer clients and am accepting a limited number of qualified new accounts at this time. Send me your project or needs and see how quickly I respond. We are all very busy these days. Every client that I work with is extremely busy running their business or law practice. Telephone appointments are required.

Most Web Sites Have Been Left Behind in the Dust of All the New Changes and Demands of Consumers and Their Internet Behavior.

With so many changes in web media occurring it is important to have the right strategy and flexible planning to maximize your website design to engage and retain your site visitors. Mobile devices are fast becoming the dominant choice for web browsing. We create optimized mobile web sites in addition to the standard sites.

we build codeWebsite design involves several integrated platforms that have a mutual goal of engaging and retaining your website visitors. Secondary goals could be to save time answering questions about your business with an FAQ page. Additional goals could be e-commerce, selling products online, and having regular updates to keep the site current.

Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalWhat about coding? Note: if you click the W3C validation button at the bottom of this page or others on this web site you will see that they are all Get a Quotevalidated web pages and meet the highest standards of web coding. We have taken the care to create an inter-operable Web page that displays across all types of browsers.


SEO copy writingContent Marketing and Copy writing - Content marketing is the most important part of internet marketing. Original, precise, and SEO friendly web copy is important including catchy titles and tag lines to keep prospective customers interested.

Importance of Images and Video
Images are important and, when done correctly, can also engage the site visitor and relate to the general theme of the page or be like an advertisement that catches the attention. Video is a powerful tool that is becoming a must have recommendation by us for every web site due to the research of increased response to the page. Read my blog - Likes, Tweets, and SEO - published on YouTube and Video for 2017.

Since 1999, Logion Web Design has evolved into a boutique of integrated solutions ranging from web design and development, INTERNET and Facebook marketing, copywriting, blogs, news releases, and staying strong with customer support.

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