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What is the Cost of a Web Site? Good Question !

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Many business owners may only seek the cheapest cost web site estimates, and ignore the fact that the web site represents the business, and is the first impression of the business for many potential customers. There's a lot involved, including the internet marketing plan of the business! It's an investment."

Web Fees
We are taking this topic and quoting a popular blog to provide an estimate of web site development fees. Some factors to take into consideration :

1) Design is not the same as marketing. If you want your website at the top of Google then you need internet marketing integrated with the web design and ongoing every month after the web site is launched.

2) Building web sites is like building a home, except the blueprint is not provided up front and may change during the process. There is original, custom deisgn and then there are templates, a predesigned layout. Either way, there still needs to be original content ; a creative presentation of images, text, graphics, graphs, interactive media, best standards code, and social integration.
Real World WebSite Pricing Breakdown
from the blog by InspiredMag
Website Pricing: How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

Basic Website - $1000 - $2000

After spending a significant amount of time (over a decade in this industry), we’ve determined that the market average for a baseline website is $1000-$2,000. I’ve seen much, much higher. And, I don’t recommend going with anyone who charges less because the quality of the work will negatively (and directly) correlate to the price decrease.

With a basic website, you’ll have a simple online brochure made out of a boilerplate template (or format) where your customers and clients can review your products and services. The basic website may be your best salesperson, working 24 hours a day by just showing up. It’s your marketing tool to get your message out to the world. It provides a digital launch pad, where you can showcase your products or services. Most web developers will install Google Analytics too.

Custom Website $2500 - $7500

If you can think it, it can be designed in this price range. They may not be as fully functional, but they will be beautiful. At this spending level, you will find a website that is custom-tailored to meet your specific market needs.

At this price point, you can expect the beginning of the “wow-factor” from your web design team. You will not typically find features of audience interactivity, ecommerce, or content management.

Going back to the Basic Website, the website pricing is calculated at the same rate. These websites take much more time to build since they will include custom CSS and XHTML coding so that the website will show up the same on virtually every interface. Again these websites will be optimized for Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that they will rank better in organic keyword searches.

Content Management System (CMS) - $3000 - $8,500

A website designed and built with full CMS integration will typically run from $3,000 to $8,500 with an average of $5,750, depending on your specific needs and the extent of the customization requested. These websites will be designed with both functionality and appearance in mind. Custom art design and mid-level functionality will be included. You will be able to manage and update all of your content through the installed CMS interface. You can have an infinite number of pages (depending on the amount you want to spend for the time it takes to create them). With CMS you can manipulate, upload and change the pictures, content, and blog all day long. (You’ll soon discover, if you don’t already know, that updating your website can quickly become consuming

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Full webmaster services include advanced web design and development, creative and custom web page design, and an experienced web designer. Our advanced services include programming in Adobe Cold Fusion for Content Management and E-commerce web sites, Facebook marketing, page development, and ad campaigns. We have experience in developing marketing plans, managing email programs, SEO or search engine optimization including top of Google page rankings in Portland, Salem, and Eugene for certain keywords.

We also engage in market and competitor research, Twitter marketing,Google webmaster tools, Google Places, and research of current trends and best standards. Our recent upgrade to the Adobe Creative Cloud shows our commitment to use the latest cutting edge web design and development software for our clients. Creativity and inspiration are the cornerstones of our business. Every client has specific needs. We provide a free consultation to see if our services are a match. Request a free consultation>

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