Logion Web Design, an Oregon Web Design Studioupdated - WEBSITES FOR MOBILE DEVICES
Logion Web Design offers a mobile website development service that can supplement an exisitng website or be set up stand alone, with hosting.
Watch the Google video and contact us to discuss the best solution for a mobile site.

We are able to develop a website that is configured for most mobile devices. However,
there are many different types and screen resolutions, so we develop a middle ground that allows for most devices to view your site. The sites are bascially a simplified version of a full browser site due to the space limitations and differences in wireless connectivity issues. However, the accessibility is worth it especially with a target audience that is not in front of their laptop of desktop computer all the time and owns a smartphone (example: realtors, the under age 30 group, increasing numbers every day of mobile conversions from standard phones, web designers, and in the near future everyone else).


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