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A portfolio will only show the design and layout of a few of our clients. That is the tip of the iceburg.
A fully integrated website will be SEO friendly, WC3 compatible, and have fresh updated content linked to the site.
Here's a few samples of our work, at least the tip of the iceburg.
Both At Home Assistants and Sweet ByeNBye have the same ownership and have top rankings in the
Salem Senior Care local market. They also both have top Google rankings as a result of our services.

Sweet ByeNBye - Locally Owned Salem
Residential Care Facility and Adult Foster Homes
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At the top of Google for a local search - in Google Places below the paid ads -in a very competitive industry (screen shot )
Click on image below to view their web site in a separate popup window

Sweet Bye N Bye Assisted Living, Adult Foster Care Home Providers